TAIKAI is able to integrate with your favorite apps to automate workflows and build engaging experiences that will leverage your hackathon to a different level.

As a digital platform where our main goal is to foster innovation and as a customer-centric company, we are always trying to find novel ways to make our hackathon platform a global standard on the SaaS ecosystem.

In order to achieve that remarkable goal, it is essential for our platform to interact with other traditional applications that our customers are using on a daily basis to increase their productivity.

Apart from productivity gains, the…

Looking back to November 2018, when we started to build up the foundations for TAIKAI, one of our engineering team’s first important decisions was to choose the right set of frameworks, front-end tools, back-end tools, and services to build a state-of-the-art product that delivers a delightful user experience to our customers. Apart from the end-user experience, it was important for us to choose a collection of tools that allows us to have an enjoyable developer experience for our tech team and future team members.

When you are choosing tech stack from the ground up, you have the power to go…

Hackathons are big rituals in companies like Facebook, Google, Netflix.

These innovation competitions helped them to design features and new business lines that contributed to their growth in the most recent years. The innovations built by their talented hackers transformed their businesses, allowing them to rise their supremacy with disruptive and viral offers that otherwise will never see the light of the day.

Do you know that in 2007, the famous Like button, which became quite popular with Facebook users worldwide, was created by Justin Michael Rosenstein in an internal company hackathon?

What is an Internal Hackathon? 🤔

An internal hackathon is an innovation competition that…

The main goal of TAIKAI is to create a “Next-Gen Talent Marketplace” that promotes the co-creation of innovative solutions for companies, organizations, and communities and allows a skilled worker to participate in innovation initiatives promoted by any community stakeholder.

The marketplace should recognize and identify the best innovators, evaluators, mentors, and experts on a domain field based on their previous contributions and interactions within the network.

As a Talent Marketplace, the role of TAIKAI acting as a mediator is to provide an economic context where all the stakeholders are rewarded fairly and transparently following the rules defined by the community…

Before you think about deploying your EOS decentralized application (DApp) to a blockchain network, as a developer and system planner you should study in detail the cost to run your infrastructure on a public shared network with a limited amount of resources to be consumed. The storage cost and execution cost on a public blockchain network are higher than in any cloud provider like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

This article assumes that you have basic knowledge about EOS Governance scheme, its resource allocation model, EOS Staking mechanisms and Block Producers.

On any EOS public network, there…

Henry Chesbrough, a professor at the University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business, coined the term “open innovation” almost 2 decades ago.

As originally defined: Open Innovation is a paradigm that assumes, in order to improve their innovation and technology models, organizations should use crowdsourcing knowledge and broader ideation processes combined with internal knowledge to accelerate their digital transformation.

What is an open innovation challenge?

An open innovation challenge is an initiative promoted by organizations, a community or a public institution that serve as a cradle to develop new products, new services, new business lines or solve a technology issue that is hard to solve…

Hélder Vasconcelos

CTO & Co-Founder @ TAIKAI | Book author

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